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The introductory paper on the phenomenon of Foreign Executives in Local Organisations (FELOs) of culturally distant countries, accepted for presentation at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM) is now online.

The full paper is available for viewing and downloading to Academy of Management Annual Meeting registrants from the AoM online paper system through Monday, October 31, 2011.

Delimitation of 2011 Annual Meeting paper

The paper is delimited to introducing the FELO phenomenon into the academic literature by identifying and discussing significant differences between FELOs and expatriates in the foreign subsidiaries of multinational organisations. While issues of allegiance, trust and control are core to both phenomena, they also explain the rarity of FELOs.

The Annual Meeting paper draws on a larger study that also examined why local organisations appoint FELOs, why these positions are not filled with host-country nationals or executives from neighbouring countries, what FELOs contribute to local organisations, how cultural distance is bridged in those workplaces, and what contextual influences support and constrain the occurrence of this cross-cultural workplace phenomenon. However, the discussion of these broader aspects of the FELO phenomenon would have exceeded the scope of this 10,000 words / 37 pages paper. Your feedback, questions, views, comments and critique will be much appreciated.

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