Media Coverage

A quick internet search will reveal a number of high-profile FELO cases. Regrettably, much of the popular media coverage focuses on FELO appointments where the relationship quickly soured. This media coverage may create the (false) impression that there are no successful longterm FELO affiliations.

Academic Research

In contrast to the media coverage, academic research investigates and analyses the FELO phenomenon systematically. Newspaper reports lack the depth and rigour of a systematic academic investigation.

FELO research establishes why some FELO appointments fail, why other appointments last, how cultural distance is bridged, and what can be gained from these cross-cultural workplace affiliations.

==>   High profile FELO cases

==> FELOs researched in Malaysia

==>   FELO cases in Korea and China

==>   Research participants speak about FELOs

==> Huawei – internationalisation with foreign executives

==> Qoros – a Chinese car manufacturer built with foreign executives

==> Strategies – why China’s Xiaomi and Huawei recruit foreign executives


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