‘Charm’ Bernhard Quandt, Korea

Bernhard Quandt, a German, arrived in South Korea in 1978 and, in what can well be described as a protean career, became a FELO. He married Korean Yong Bok in 1982, and became a public sensation when, for the first time, cross-cultural marriage was portrayed in a positive way. In 1986, Quandt (Korean Name: Charm Lee) was only the 325th foreigner to become a naturalised citizen of South-Korea. The number has since grown rapidly to about 100,000 — as has the number of foreign executives in Korean listed companies.

‘Charm’ Bernhard Quandt held various positions in Korea over the years, participated in President Lee Myung-Bak’s campaign during the 2007 elections, and was appointed CEO of the Korea Tourism Organisation in 2009. Thus, in yet another “first”, he became the first foreign executive to ever head a local state organisation. Quandt resigned from this position on 15 November 2013 over media allegations of improper behaviour during a visit to Japan.

Korea Times. (2009, 1 Aug). Foreign critic turns into a mentor

Here are some interviews and presentations from youtube:

CNN Interview with Bernhard Quandt

Bernhard Quandt promoting Korea as tourist destination

Bernhard Quandt / Charm Lee on Korean television

Bernhard Quandt presenting (in Korean) about the language

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