Case study illustrates two of four types of foreign executives in local organisations

Case study of two types of foreign executives in local organisations

A 6,000-word case study published 2012 in Wiley’s Global Business and Organizational Excellence illustrates two of the four types of FELOs identified through research. Written in accessible language and aimed at business practitioners, the case study identifies several characteristics that can lead FELO workplaces to failure.

The case also illustrates the dichotomy between the initial reasons for most FELO appointments and the long-term reasons that can make some of these cross-cultural workplaces very successful. Local organisations that appoint foreign executives without regard for long-term capacity development and contextual influences do so at their peril.


Arp, F. (2012). For success in a cross-cultural environment, choose foreign executives wisely. Global Business & Organizational Excellence, 32 (1), 40-50, Wiley, DOI:10.1002/joe.21462

Further reading is available here.

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