Research Findings

FELO research findings on these pages are currently password protected and accessible to selected participants only. Entries without password protection may be made available in the future. Analysis is provided in academic publications while the information here is aimed at practitioners that have kindly and generously contributed to field research.

Generally, privacy and confidentiality issues limit the scope of detailing information about FELO participants, as it is ethically unacceptable to identify companies and research participants through the reporting of ‘descriptive markers’.

For example, disclosing that a research sample of FELOs in a country includes an Icelandic national — given the very low likelihood of there being many FELOs of Icelandic nationality — would clearly identify that individual and the local organisation for which that individual works. Indeed, no Icelandic national has participated in FELO research to date, and this nationality example is used here for the purpose of illustration only. Information discussed in entries here is strictly limited to analytical findings from aggregated data.

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